Top 10 Things You Should Do in Zurich

Top 10 Things You Should Do in Zurich

Switzerland represents one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Multiculturalism is one of its primary traits, meaning it welcomes all races and nations. It is quite unconventional that Switzerland offers 4 official languages, including German, French, Italian and Romansh, implying that every city has its main one. This unique characteristic allows contact even if you are not familiar with German.

Swiss confederation consists of 26 cantons, each differentiating in language, culture and particular laws.

Large and well-known cities in Switzerland are Zurich, Luzern, Basel, Lausanne etc.

Zurich has changed a lot over the years. Approximately 5000 years ago, the first inhabitants settled on the shores of the Zurich lake. Today it represents a great city that is frequently characterized as a mixture of business and pleasure. If you are having trouble organizing your activities and priorities while visiting Zurich, we can help.

Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Zürich:


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Maybe the name of this street isn’t fascinating, but don’t be fooled, Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the world.

Think Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and all the luxurious brands you can think of. Most of them are located in the south part but look up the location of your favorite shop.

To feel the full glam of this truly magical place visit in December in Zurich when the word magic has its own dimension. There is no traffic here, but a tram or two might surprise so you

Lake Zurich

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Nature lovers visiting this lovely town should definitely visit Lake Zurich. It resides southeast of the town and represents one of the main attractions.

Lake Zurich is really crowded most of the year as many locals and tourists gather here. Parking is available but full most of the time so the best thing would be hiring a chauffeur service in Zurich.

That way you won’t have to worry about parking. Swimming is allowed, and with the temperature beyond 20°C, you can easily enjoy a dip or two.

One of the most impressive facts regarding lake Zurich is that the water is remarkably clean and even used in the Zurich water system.

Street Parade

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Are you looking for something wild and out of the ordinary? Then, this is your thing. The Street Parade is highly correlated to the Love Parade (Berlin). This electronic music festival is one of the most visited venues in the world since 1992.

Techno and house will dazzle you all night long with the artistic background at lake Zurich and white mountains far behind you.

Best Burger Restaurant

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Many people are unsure where to eat since Zurich is vast and offers a wide range of diners and restaurants.

The best Burger restaurant is the best choice if you are into this particular type of food. It provides both quality and taste, so don’t second-guess yourself with this one. No need to mention you will be enjoying the best of Swiss cheeses. You will feel full, amazed, and happy while enjoying excellent and quick service if you decide to eat here.

Zurich Zoo

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Zurich Zoo supports the preservation and protection of rare species. It is also the largest in Swiss. Reviews offer evidence that this is a place that values and loves animals, which is hugely relevant.

If you love animals too and enjoy seeing them happy and having fun, visit this marvelous zoo and be a part of a fantastic experience. Since this is a special place and many excursions come here, it can get crowded, so pick the date and book your ticket online.

National Museum Zurich

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Next to the Zurich Main station, you can find the National Museum Zurich. Although it looks like a Disney castle on the outside, when u enter the courtyard, you will find a very modern building.

On the first floor, a history part, you can visit the permanent exhibition named “Simply Zurich,” which is absolutely free and always available.

Regardless, you can pay for the ticket, take a big tour all around the museum’s various exhibitions, check out the gift shop, buy a lovely souvenir originally designed by swiss artists and support the local community.

Old Town

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The Old Town in Switzerland Is the heart of this city, and you can’t miss it. Couples visiting Zurich should feel the place in their own way since this part of town has a lot of churches, guilds, many narrow streets, and romantic landscapes and surroundings.

If you are interested in the history of the biggest town in Switzerland, be sure to participate in the Zurich Old Town Walking Tour, where professional guides share the secrets of their town exclusively with you.


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Old Town may be the go-to place for almost all, but if you consider yourself edgy, modern and up going, this specific area will fascinate you. Since the end of the 20th century, a former industrial zone completely reconstructed itself, which was entirely unexpected.

A couple of years ago, this part of the town was far from appealing. Today, the setting changed, and mentioned factories switched places with various restaurants, bars, shops, and innovative venues. Young folks will value the spirit of this unique neighborhood.

Great Minster

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Zurich itself has a lot of churches. Since it is the biggest city in Switzerland, a small number of chapels genuinely stand out.

Well, Great Minster will amaze you since it is the principal church in Zurich, and its twin towers are a trademark of this part of town. An unordinary part of the story is that upper levels are built-in in 1487, while some parts were added as late as 1782.

Nevertheless, trust this recommendation and experience the spirit of the middle ages by merely looking at it. We mustn’t forget the paintings hidden inside that represent a genuine work of art and will leave you bedazzled for hours.


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As mentioned before, Bahnhofstrasse will steal your eyes and heart in a moment, but for people visiting Zurich because of business, Paradeplatz is everything.

Since it is the heart of Bahnhofstrasse, location is already known, but what differentiates it is its business character. It made a name for itself as the highest financial transaction locality in Switzerland (which is a brand for itself regarding banking).

Containing many venues and sites revolving around all kinds of companies, Paradeplatze presents a one of a kind place in the world.

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