6 Best Things to Do in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

6 Best Things to Do in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Spectacular Riyadh needs almost no introduction and is one of the most popular travel destinations in Saudi Arabia. The city has always been honestly traditional, there are numerous things to do in Riyadh that are a must-try for everyone.

Let’s explore the Types of things to do in Riyadh

1. Quad Biking

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Quad Biking – Red Sand Dunes – Riyadh

The capital of Saudi Arabia lies at the central province of the country, amid the largest contiguous desert of the world that encompasses almost one-third of the Kingdom. It is an important part of the culture and leisure of the city. 

Located about 20 kilometers from Riyadh, a quick gateway heads to Red Sand Dunes. Due to their name, the large windswept dunes are amid mountains.

Red Sand Dunes has become a popular place that allows a scenic view of Tuwaiq Escarpment, where the epitome of enjoyment is with renting an ATV along with a picnic or barbecue.

Dune bashing is one of the most popular activities of the Riyadh and quad bikes are available on rent.

Pro-tip: Prices for quad bikes vary and can often be reduced with a little haggling. 

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2. Sidewalk skiing

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A hair-raising hobby “sidewalk skiing” one of the most fascinating things to see in Riyadh and is famous among Saudis.

While driving, one thing that Saudis do for fun is to tilt a car to drive it onto just two wheels, while another person clings on top of the car from the other side as the car is in motion.

Many foreigners visit to watch this death-defying stunts performed by daredevil Saudi Arabs.

The term ‘Off-Road’ is brought by the adventurous youth, involves a driver racing along before maneuvering at breakneck speed.

Sidewalk skiing is known as a popular best sport in the kingdom for which onlookers come from different areas to cheer themselves as the swashbuckling actions unfold before them. 

3. Gahwa

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Gahwa” is a must-have Arabic coffee, that is served as a welcoming drink for visitors and guests which is one of the most traditional thing to in drink Riyadh, it is generally a sign of hospitality and friendliness among Arabs.

It is an Arabic coffee, is accessible in breakfasts, afternoon drinks, after a meal, and even served at the gatherings. 

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4. Adventurous Road Trip

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Do you know the longest straight road of the world is in Saudi Arabia?

The road trip from Riyadh to several other cities would give you an epic experience of traveling by driving which is one of the peaceful thing to do in Riyadh.

Through the elongated highway, travelers are mesmerized with the spectacular view of palm tree dense landscapes in the outskirts of Riyadh. 

Jabal Souda located in Abha, which is believed to be Saudi’s highest peak, the down coming road from the tallest mountain passes through a stunning stone town of Rijal Alma.

Whereas on the western side of the country, an extensive coastal highway lies through which the travelers view sparkling pristine beaches of the Red Sea where they can stop by to cool off by the relaxing sea breeze.

Along with the coastal regions, the landscapes of tropical palm trees and enigmatic desert dunes lay on the highway stretches towards the Northern border of the country. 

5. Arabian food

Arabic food can rock your taste buds with its mouth-watering flavors of unique Arabian cuisines. Some of the Most traditional Saudi foods to Eat in Riyadh are as follow:


If you’re planning to visit Riyadh, try Kabsa. Kabsa is a national dish of the country.

The traditional dish is served with a grilled chicken and flavored rice cooked traditionally recipe with spices added; cinnamon, saffron, cardamom, black lime, nutmeg, and bay leaves. 

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Yemen is the birthplace of Mutabbaq, a popular midday snack from the street vendors in Riyadh. It is folded pancake stuffed full of vegetables, therefore, named as “Mutabbaq” which means “folded”. 


The worldwide known middle eastern cuisine consisting of meat slices cut from the cone-shaped meat stacked up and roast on a slowly-rotating vertical rotisserie.

The origin of Shawarma is from Levant cuisine, has become so popular that it can be found all over the world. 


The traditional Arabian yogurt drink that is served mostly during summers to pound down the heat and refreshes the body. Locals dip spices into it to make it more flavorful.


Falafel is the love of most of the Arabs as the spicy chickpeas are scrumptious. Falafel is a worldwide well known Arabian Appetizer


A bite-sized traditional Arabian sweet called “Maamul” which means “filled”. 

It is a small piece of baked bread filled with mashed dates and pistachio or other sweets tucked inside the bread. “Maamul” is mainly served coffee or mint tea. 

6. Al Hokair Land

Are you looking for the most popular things to do in Riyadh with kids?

Al Hokair land is the best place to explore with kids in Riyadh. It is an amusement theme park located behind the colorful walls of a fantasy land of Rabwa Park for family entertainment.

It houses 700 rides along with attractions including; restaurants, electronic games, retail offerings, theater, and exhibition spaces.

The park’s theme and architecture are inspired by the Arabian Peninsula, Europe, America, the Far East, and African villages.

Other than this, in Riyadh, there are several water parks and entertainment models designed specifically for kids and young adults featuring; 10-pin bowling, go-karts, air hockey, snooker and video games where one can spend an entire entertaining holiday. 

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