Study in Baku Azerbaijan

Study in Baku Azerbaijan

Studying in Baku, Azerbaijan stands in the middle of Asia and Europe, will give a chance to explore the unique array of cultural attractions. Baku is known for its cultural diversity from conservativeness to modernism and the religious tolerance of the city. The museums contain collective masterpieces of both historical and modern art. 

Universities offer majority courses to international students as English has been widely used as the instructive language for past few years.

Moreover, since the literacy rate of Azerbaijan is 99.79% according to UNESCO, therefore, the country is well known for being a Muslim center of learning. You will get a huge benefit from learning Azeri or Russian from Azerbaijan, as Azerbaijani universities offer opportunities to specialize in these languages and literature.

From over 50 countries, foreign students are pursuing higher education in Azerbaijan, it’s a testament to Baku’s attractions.

How to study in Azerbaijan?

The Educational System in Baku, Azerbaijan

The educational system of Azerbaijan offers three educational levels; Bachelor’s, Masters and PhDs. The educational diplomas from Azerbani’s state universities are being recognized by more than 50 50 countries of the world.

Due to its unique geographical location, after gaining independence Azerbaijan has formed a strong education system, along with its previous potential of tradition and scientific studies, the system has been integrated with Europe and with the world’s education.

Azerbaijan has joined two committees from the six educational committees of UNESCO; the European Committee that includes; 41 countries and the Asian committee that includes 37 countries. 

English is mainly the medium of communication and the instruction language in most of the “Azerbaijani Universities”.

English proficient students can directly qualify for the first year of their degree program, for which they need a TOEFL score of at least 500, or IELTS score of at least 6 bands.

The level of Azerbaijani Education is high, therefore, students easily get employment not only in Azerbaijan but anywhere around the world. 

Baku Higher Education system

The Higher Studies of Azerbaijan consist following types of states or private institutions, such as academics, colleges, institutions, conservatories, and universities offering BA, MA, M.Sc, doctoral programs, and MBA program 

The First Stage of University Level

The first stage is a Bachelor’s Degree program or “Bakalavr” that lasts for four years. During this period, there are multiple options of specialized degrees such as; Humanitarian, Business Administration, Natural science, etc.

The Second Stage of University Level

After completing a Bachelor’s program, students are eligible for Masters Degree or Magistr which can be continued in the same field or also can be switched to specific options offered for the Masters Degree program. It lasts for one and a half year or two years, in Masters Degree program students acquire in-depth knowledge and professional training.

The Third Stage of University Level

The Master Graduates are then eligible for the doctoral stage, which lasts for two or three years. After their successful completion, they achieve a doctoral degree; Ph.D.

Diploma Studies in University

Diploma is a nondegree program in specific skills or career lines. It is mostly offered by private institutes and some of the universities in Azerbaijan. 

Academic Year of Universities

The academic year in Azerbaijani educational institutions is mainly semi-annual semester-based, generally Fall Semester starts in September or Spring Semester in January. Students can also take courses offered in the Summer Semester. 

Cost of Educational System

The state also offers a Free Scholarship in universities for the deserving students who have achieved higher scores in their previous educational programs. Besides this, stats offer discounts on educational fees for exceptional performance in the degree programs they are enrolled in.

Foreign Students in Baku

Currently, Azerbaijan is possessing an upright pace towards the rapid growth economically prosperous. More and more ex-pats are landing in the country on a student visa in order to pursue their higher education, specifically from the neighboring countries. 

Students usually study for two-semester programs in order to learn the Azeri language and gain work experience. If a foreign student passes the “Azeri Language” and “English” proficiency test, he/she would be allowed to exempt from the preparatory lessons, it basically depends on the policies of the university they are enrolled in. 

Student Visa for Baku

Students need to apply for a “student visa” from the Azerbaijani embassy in their very own country. The cost of a short term student visa in Azerbaijan is $100 whereas long-term student visa costs for $200 currently.

The requirements include; invitation certificate of educational institutions, tuition payments financial guarantees, and the residential payment, whereas the required documents are;

  • 1 x passport-size picture
  • 1 x copy of passport
  • State duty (20 USD)
  • Visa application form

Azerbaijani Student Visa Covers the Whole Time Period of Selected Educational Degree

  • Bachelor’s Degree is for 4 years.
  • Master’s Degree is for 1 and a half or 2 years.
  • Post-graduation Degree is for about 2-3 years. 

Students need to renew their visa for each educational year, they have to apply to the Counselor department every time before visiting their native country. 

Temporary Foreign Student Registration

After entering the university, students have to apply for Council Protocol Department for residential registration within a week, for which they require;

  • 3 x passport-size photographs
  • A copy of passport
  • State duty (20 USD)

Accommodation for Foreign Students in Baku

While planning to study abroad, accommodation is one of the important things to plan. In Azerbaijan, it’s quite easy to find an affordable place to live in.

However, International students mostly go for dormitories, that are located within the university region and are fully furnished.

Another alternative for students is to live with a local family by renting a separate room. It gives more exposure to Azerbaijani culture, language and norms, but relatively more expensive than the university dorms. 

Azerbaijan offers numerous advantages to foreign students studying in the country; after the completion of their degree, students can easily avail of the citizenship of the country which would allow them to travel around Europe without visas and also to some countries with a simplified visa.

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