Interesting Facts About Rotterdam

Interesting Facts About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a municipality in the Netherlands. After Amsterdam, it is the second-largest city of the Netherlands on the new Eurostar direct link from London, it is located in the South Holland province. 

Rotterdam is almost as famous and loved as Amsterdam. Netherland’s one of the most well-known cities comes up with its rich architecture and immense harbor.

Rotterdam’s history is complex and filled with frightening, magical significance among many other things.

This article informs some 16 interesting facts about Rotterdam, written as follows;

1. Water Taxi Fact

Rotterdam encompasses numerous rivers and canals, where “water-taxis” is majorly used to explore the city, the most interesting fact about Rotterdam.

There is a couple of public transport stops from where travelers just hop on and off.

Travelers can book a ride in order one to pick up and drop them off according to their destinations. 

2. 68 football Clubs Fact

In the list of fascinating facts about Rotterdam, Sparta and Feyenoord are two “Football Clubs” that play in the “Eredivisie”, which is the professional football league of Netherlands.

3. Arms Coat Fact

The story of Arms Coat is one of the absorbing facts about Rotterdam. During 1795-1813 when Frech occupied the Netherlands, the “Arms Coat” showed that the city belonged to the ‘good cities’ in the French empire.

4. 73 bridges Fact 

73 bridges is the most riveting facts about Rotterdam. Rotterdam’s biggest bridge is the “Van Brienenoord” bridge and the Erasmus bridge is the most attractive spot and must-see of Rotterdam.

The oldest one is “Spanjaard Brug” constructed in 1886 and located at the center of Rotterdam, near the Oude Haven and Haringvliet.

5. Old Tree Fact

At the Westersingel in Rotterdam, there a plane tree is located which is more than “130 years old”.

In the 1960s,  the tree was moved to another area, however, it was moved back to its original place a little island on the Westersingel in the 1990s.

6. 38 Cube-Shaped Houses Fact

38 Cube-Shaped Houses is the compelling facts about Rotterdam. The interesting architecture of cube houses in Rotterdam is doesn’t seem like there are that many. But there are actually 38 of them displaying one of the most outrageous examples.

They were built between 1982 and 198, most of them are privately owned, nonetheless one of the houses is open for visitors on a daily basis. 

7. Europort harbor Fact

Europort is not only the world’s 10th biggest port but also it has ranked 11th as the biggest container port in the world.

“Europort” is Europe’s biggest port and has even been considered as the best Port in the world for quite some time.

8. Adolf Hitler Fact

During the famous bombardment at Rotterdam, the fire spread on “Laurenskerk Church” and the destruction was huge.

Few people advised to demolish the whole church but “Adolf Hilter” forbade it. He left the church as a protected monument. 

Therefore, the building of Laurenskerk is only left of the Medieval center of Rotterdam.

Laurenskerk Church was the first stone building, constructed between 1449 to 1525, and it is still the biggest church of Rotterdam. 

9. 2nd Largest Port of the World Fact

“Rotterdam Houses” is the world’s second-largest port after China’s Shanghai, according to the measurement of its size and tonnage.

10. Gutter Fact

It’s a norm in Rotterdam, individuals tend to give nicknames for all architectural things. The brand shopping area is situated in the lower part of the city center, due to its location its name is dubbed as “Shopping Gutter”.

11. Nickname Fact

Probably Rotterdam is the only city in the world with a “Buttplug Statue”. A statue that is officially called Santa Claus, representing a Santa Claus is holding a Christmas tree.

However, the Christmas tree resembles a buttplug, therefore it is nicknamed as Buttplug in English or Kabouter Buttplug.

12. Metro System Fact

Rotterdam was the first city in the Netherlands to have a fully “Functioning Metro System”, after which the system was later installed in Amsterdam. 

13. Mayors Fact

It’s a fun fact about Rotterdam; the name of Rotterdam’s current Mayor is “Ahmed Aboutaleb” who is a Moroccan descent, probably because there is a large Moroccan community living in the city.

Other than this, there is also a “Night-Mayor” who tends to keep the nightlife interesting. Moreover, a “Youth-Mayor” as well, who is concerned with the activities for the city’s youth. 

14. Architects Fact

Rotterdam is the birthplace of marvelous architects and so are their splendid architectural works. The city is filled with countless “Architectural Bureaus” than any other Dutch city. 

15. Apple Pie Fact

Apple pie is basically a Dutch delicacy, the best pies are found in “Cafe Dudok” which was named after a famous architect. Cafe Dudok offers a beautiful and trendy ambiance in itself with a delicious range of pies. 

16. Skyline Fact

While crossing the numerous beautiful bridges such as “Erasmus Bridge”, “Willems” and other bridges crossing over the Maas river, there is a splendid view of sparkling skyline along with multiple bright skyscrapers around an ever working harbor.