Interesting Facts About Riyadh

Interesting Facts About Riyadh


Saudi Arabia is a cosmopolitan place. Along with the dry, hot, and arid climate and desert make it a unique country, located in the Middle East. It is the largest Arabian peninsula with an area of 830,000 square miles.

The primary ethnic group is Arab and it is the only country in the world with an absolute monarchy ruled by a king, crown prince, and deputy crown prince.

Saudi Riyal is the official currency and the official flag consists of white and green colors indicate peace and unity among different nations living in the country.

If you’re ready to be amazed and amused, This page provides 18 unknown facts that have been handpicked to educate and amuse read on to find out more about Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Saudi Arabia Quick Facts

  • Homosexuals are put to death in the country, as per the “Islamic laws the acts of homosexuality” are strictly punishable by death.
  • While driving, One thing that Saudis do for fun is to tilt a car; while another person stands on top of the car as it is in motion. This activity is known as Sidewalk Skiing.
  • Riyadh’s camel market is the world’s largest market Fact. Roughly 100 camels are being sold per day in the country. Riyadh houses the largest camel market in the world.
  • Saudi Arabia while with a size of 830,000 miles encompasses 95% of deserts and semi-deserts, there is only 2% of arable land situated in the region.

Interesting Facts about Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  • In 1975, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia had imposed a ban on birth control pills or contraceptive devices; the act was punishable by six months of imprisonment. However, in 2014 the economists warned the kingdom due to the rapid increase of birth rate and uncontrollably population has doubled in the last 15 years.
  • As the Kingdom follows the “Islamic laws and regulations”; alcohol is strictly prohibited while only a small amount of alcoholic beverages are allowed for non-muslim expatriates. However, a large amount of alcohol can be found in black sales.
  • Saudi Arabia is the world’s 13th largest country and the largest country without a river. Therefore, its extensive coastlines along Redsea and the Persian Gulf provide great leverage for shipping; especially for crude oil.
  • Saudi Arabia is also famous for a drink called Gahwa. Gahwa is a welcoming drink for visitors and guests, it is generally a sign of hospitality and friendliness among Arabs. “Gahwa” is an “Arabic Coffee” that is accessible in breakfasts, afternoon drinks, after a meal, and even served at the gatherings.
  • The construction of Kingdom Tower had begun in 2012 and its completion is expected by 2020. It is expected to be the tallest tower in the world, as it will overtake Dubai’s Burj Khalifa by the rise of a minimum of 1000 meters. It will house hotels and the world’s highest observatory.
  • Death of a Princess is a memorial film based on a true event of a princess, known as Princess Mishaal. The daughter of King Fahd Al Saud, in 1977, she was executed for committing adultery at the age of 19 with her Jewish lover.
  • Edge of the World is the most amusing place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is located almost an hour drive from the city of Riyadh, the dramatic view of cliffs rising from the middle of the barren desert is breathtakingly beautiful and adventurous. The Edge of the World is stretching towards the skyline gives a look of a great natural wall. It is a spectacular attraction for tourists to view an uninterrupted horizon
  • White sand dunes are common, however, Red Desert Sand Dunes are situated in the hidden valley surrounded by tall mountains, at the northeastern side of Riyadh. It is a popular weekend destination for Saudis and ex-pats.
  • A fascinating hidden gem “Heat Cave” is located outside of Riyadh. Inside the 100 meters deep cave, there is a fascinating spring of water. Climbing down the cave gives an exciting hiking adventure with a reward of emerald crystal clear water of an underground lake. It is the perfect place for cave divers.
  • While the kingdom’s oil reserve is huge including; Ghawar field is the world’s largest oil field. With an estimated 75 billion barrels of oil reserves and its exportation, the country earns half of its GDP.
  • There has been a drastic structural improvement in the labor force of the country, however, it still remains heavily reliant on foreign labor. A large number of Saudi nationals have continued to work in public sectors as well as some also work in private sectors with little incentives, in oil and service sectors notably most of the workers are foreigners.
  • Al Ardah is a traditional dance, particularly performed on occasions. The purpose of the dance is to display publicly the fighting strength of the tribe and boosting their high morale before an armed engagement.
  • In Saudi culture, the gesture of showing the soles of shoes or feet is hugely against their ego and is considered disrespectful. The gesture particularly indicates the sign of hostility.
  • Vegetarianism is not contrary to Saudi Arabia. However, most Saudis are lovers of mutton, camel, veal, and lamb meat, whereas beef is less preferred food as compared to other varieties of meat.