Interesting Facts About Florence

Interesting Facts About Florence

Find Out 17 Interesting Facts About Florence, Italy

Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is located at the northwest of Rome 230 kilometers away, surrounded by sparkling hills covered with farms, villas and vineyards, and orchards.

The total area of the city is 102 square kilometers. As of December 2019, 708,000 is the current population of Florence.

In the 1st century BCE, the city was founded by the Roman military colony.

In that era, it was a center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities.

Florence has been called “Athens of Middle ages” and is considered as the birthplace of the Renaissance.

The city had been the capital of the established Kingdom of Italy from 1865-1871.

The past chronicles of Florence are the main glory of the city, also inscribed on UNESCO’s world heritage in 1982.

The city is filled with splendors of artistic works and well-known personalities who created them.

This article informs some interesting facts about Florence, written as follows;

1. Birthplace of pavement streets Fact

In 1339, out of all the cities in Europe Florence was the first city constructed with paved streets, the most interesting fact about Florence.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci Fact

In the list of fascinating facts about Florence, The famous “Leonardo da Vinci” who is an Italian Polymath of Renaissance was born on April 15, 1452, in the lower valley of the Arno River in the territory of Florence.

3. Pinocchio Fact

The story of Pinocchio is one of the absorbing facts about Florence. The worldwide known storybook Pinocchio, the story of a wooden boy whose nose grows whenever he lies, came from Florence.

In 1881 – 1883 Le Avventure di Pinocchio was published by Carlo Lorenzini (nick-name Collodi), was a famous Florentine.  

4. II Duomo Fact

The most famous landmark of Florence “II Duomo” (riveting facts about Florence)  took approximately 140 years to build.

The construction of the cathedral church initially started on September 8th, 1296, but its completion took place until March 25th, 1436. It is considered as the main church of the city.

5. Ponte Vecchio Fact

The story of Ponte Vecchio is the most compelling facts about Florence. Hitler was the one who rescued the Ponte Vecchio as during World War 2 Florence was severely damaged by the Germans, who blew up all its bridges except the Ponte Vecchio.

Hitler declared it too beautiful to be destroyed.

6. The Birthplace of Piano Fact

In Florence, the piano was invented by “Bartolomeo Cristofor“.

The interesting fact is that the piano was initially known as the pianoforte which evolved from the harpsichord in the early stages of the 18th century.

7. Italian Language Fact

The interesting fact about the Italian language, In the region of Tuscany other than Latin language, Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio were the first to use a new language, which eventually became the recognized Italian language.

It was the beginning of Italian with the end of Latin, which was being used as the common language throughout Europe.

8. Healthy Bread Fact

Since the 12th century, bread is traditionally made without using salt. According to a popular legend, Pisans blocked the shipment of salt, assumed Florentines would surrender themselves during the historic rivalry with Pisa.

However, Florentines just started making their bread without salt, and since then the bread is still sold without salt which is also considered very healthy nowadays.

9. Special Food Item Fact

In Florence, the most popular Italian special food item is bistecca alla Fiorentina, which is a mammoth chargrilled t-bone steak.

10. Gucci Brand Fact

The worldwide known famous fashion apparel brand Gucci was born in Florence in 1921 when Guccio Gucci started his business.

11. The Symbol of Lions Fact

At Ponte Vecchio, lions are being engraved on every cornerstone and doorstep. This is because during the 13-18th century, in front of the Duomo there were real lions had been kept in the den and used for local entertainment.

12. Florence Nightingale Fact

Florence Nightingale was a trailblazing figure in nursing. She was a famous nurse & founder of modern nursing.

She was born at the Villa Colombaia, in Florence, Italy, on 12 May 1820 into a rich, upper-class, well-connected British family, and was named after the city of her birth. At the age of 90, she died On 13 August 1910.

In Carrara, a memorial monument to Nightingale was created by Francis William Sargant and is located in the cloister of the Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence.

13. Florence has been established by Julius Caesar Fact

In 59 BC, Julius Caesar established Florence as a settlement for his veteran soldiers. The town was built between two rivers, and therefore it is named originally as Fluenti from, Florentia which means “flowering”.

14. The Symbol of Lily Fact

Since the 11th century, Florence has been symbolizing a lily when Florentine knights participated in the First Crusade.

However, nowadays red lily used to be the white Florentine iris, a white that was very common in the local area. Once in the past as well, the colors were reversed, a white lily on a red field.

15. Handmade goods and shoes Fact

There are countless shops of handmade shoes or luxury leather goods. The best place is the Via de’ Tornabuoni, where there is a variety of designer stores, including éline, Dior, and Bulgari.

16. Another Florence invention is Opera Fact

Opera was another invention of Florence, it was invented in the late 16th century.

17. Sea of Shoe Fact

Museo Salvatore Ferragamo is a worth visiting sight for any footwear fanatic. The museum houses more than 10,000 privately commissioned shoes, including an unusual pair that is made up of dyed fish skins.