Interesting Facts About Baku

Interesting Facts About Baku

Discover the Top 18 Interesting Facts About Baku

Baku is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and there are a lot of places to visit.

The Eurasian city Baku is referred to as Dubai of the Caucasus region. It is the commercial and industrial hub of Azerbaijan, located at the shore of the western side  Caspian Sea.

The meaning of the word “Baku” itself is interpreted as the “City of Winds or Wind Blow”, the Baku symbolizes the modernism and comprises most of the entertainment of Azerbaijan.

It encompasses the coastal line along the bay of Caspian Sea, provides the cruising.

This article informs some interesting facts about Baku, written as follows;

1. The Foundation of the First Theatre Fact

Baku is the cultural center of Azerbaijan, where the first national theatre lifted the curtain, in-fact it was the first-ever theatre open in Eastern Muslim countries, along with the first opera was performed and Azerbaijan’s first newspaper was published in the city, the most interesting fact about Baku

2. Baku, the oil stone city

Since 1967, Baku Azerbaijan has been well-known for its Oilstones of the country which is rich in the concentration of ancient oil fields.

The oil refining plant has foundations under deep seawater with a high capacity of derrick barges and modernized floating driller units.

3.The Land of Fire Fact

In the list of fascinating facts about Baku, Azerbaijan is also referred to as the land of fire due to its ancient predominant religion Zoroastrianism. Baku, Azerbaijan used to be the place where fire temples were the most important worship areas.

4. Embedded in Superstitions and Folktales Fact

The culture of Azerbaijan is known for its historic superstitions (riveting facts about Baku) and folktales. Notable examples are:

“Cheap meat never makes a good soup”, “Do not lend money or bread at night”.

5. The Eternal Flaming Hillside Fact

Yanar Dagh is a place where the eternal fire has been blazing since centuries. It is due to natural gas emitting from the ground continuously. It gives a splendid view of the nearby tea house.

6. Checkmate! Fact

The interesting fact about Azerbaijan is a country with a rich history, its roots are closely related to ancient traditions.

A former world champion was born in Baku, named Garry Kasparov. He attended chess classes from Baku.

Also, the youngest international Grandmaster of chess, a 14-year-old Teymur Rajabov belongs to Azerbaijan.

7. Novruz Celebration Fact

Novruz is the greatest celebration of all the year in Azerbaijan. It is originated from Azerbaijan’s predominant religion Zoroastrianism.

Novruz is the oldest national holiday of the year. On this occasion children leave their bags in front of houses, then on their return, the bags are full of Novruz gifts by the house owner.

8. A Dedicating Miniature Book Museum Fact

You need a microscope to have a glance of dwarf books in a museum of miniature books. In fact, It houses a collection of tiny tomes, where the smallest is 2mm x 2mm. The museum is surprisingly promoted by local tourist boards.

9. Inspiring Flame Towers Fact

The trio of skyscrapers is designed to appear like flames of fire, located in Baku.

The flame towers symbolize as a sign of their predominant ancient religion Zoroastrianism and Azerbaijan is the birthplace of their Zoroaster prophet.

Towers give a sparkling look at especially night, LED screen on towers display blazing fumes, that can be seen from the edges of the city.

10. The Carpet Museum Fact

Azeri people love good carpets. On the seafront of Baku, a carpet museum was opened in 2014. The unique shape of the building is like a giant rolled-up rug, in which there are carpets of all ages and from all over the country.  They also demonstrate a spectacular live carpet weaving.

11. A Collective Baby Mud Volcanoes Fact

You will sense an eggy smell at a location, around 20 kilometers away from the city. It is because of the numerous tiny mud volcanoes that erupt occasionally and when dormant, they bubble up and release methane gas all around the year.

12. Sinister Spy Memorial Fact

A memorial situated in Zorge park, Baku is dedicated to a sinister spy Richard Sorge. Spy acted as a journalist in Germany and Japan, who alerted Soviet high command to Operation Barbarossa in World War 2.

13. Mini Venice Fact

Baku also homes to Little Venice, man-made canals channeling through the islands and entertainment venues. The islands are interconnected through bridges and gondolas can be seen in the water. It gives a picturesque view of flame towers.

14. The love of selfies! Fact

It is the most common hobby among the Azeri locals to capture their selfies and would love if you take their pictures. It is an interesting fact that Azeri love to capture themselves, especially Baku is one shooting scene.

15. Watermelon Land Fact

Azerbaijan is full of watermelons, but the locals have watermelons in their weird specific way. They eat watermelons along with white cheese and bread with it. It is one of the cultures of Azerbaijan that Azeri people feel proud of it.

16. The Love of Pancakes Fact

The national dish of Azerbaijan is Kutabi, the filled pancake. They are stuffed with veggies, pumpkin, meat, or just herbs and toasted on the griddle. The pancakes are strictly savory.

17. Tea with Jam Fact

Azerbaijan’s most popular drink is tea. The tea is served on every social occasion with myriad trimming. The tea is often sweetened with jam and flavored with lemon, thyme, mint, or rosewater.

18. No Sugar, No wedding! Fact

It is the tradition in Azerbaijan of a tea tray, which gives an indication of how arrangements are progressing while families are matchmaking.

If the tea served sugar-free indicates there are some more negotiating needs to be done, if it is served with sugar indicates the wedding is definitely on the cards.