7 Best Things to Do in Baku, Azerbaijan

7 Best Things to Do in Baku, Azerbaijan

When most of the people visit Baku, they get confused that what should they do in Baku? So today we found Things to do in Baku, and give you honest reviews!

Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, dubbed by Lonely Planet as “the architectural love child of Paris and Dubai”, is one of the fastest-changing cities in the world.

There are quite a lot of things to do in Baku and you can cover some attractions with minimum distance, I would recommend spending at least 2 full days (3 nights) in Baku. From exploring the 12th-century fortifications of Old City to enjoying the sight of the world-famous Flame Towers. Visiting these sights is an absolute must-do on a visit to Baku.

Here’s our top 7 (tried and tested!) best things to do in Baku are:

  • Old City Baku
  • Shirvanshah’s Palace
  • Miniature Book Museum
  • Mud Volcanoes
  • Flame Towers
  • Ateshgah Fire Temple
  • Bibi Heybat Mosque

Explore the Old Town

#1 in the Best Things to Do in Baku

The set of walls of Old city Baku rings a whole historic community that dates back almost a thousand years.
Old City Baku Explore Baku

Old Town is also known as Icharishahar, located at the heart of the city, and it is one of the two UNESCO World Heritage sites of Azerbaijan. A walk through the maze in the Old city is touristy for sure, but definitely one of the top things to do in Baku. Zigzagging through the corridors of art will give you a glimpse of ancient times.

The government has recently renovated the place to become an attractive spot for tourists and therefore, there is more emphasis on the locals to keep the beautiful artful town spotless and captivating by displaying the Azerbaijani traditional souvenirs, tea shops, and restaurants in the streets. 

The truly unique and historical part of Baku is encircled by the old walls of the fortress. It has plenty of valuables to offer, admires the detailed art that adds aesthetic and design values to the place. Numerous antiquities can be seen within the curved walls of the fortress includes; the iconic Maiden Tower, the aged buildings of an ancient era, a palace complex, a Qur’an Museum, and many more interesting sites to visit.

  • Entrance Fees: 10 Manet ($6)

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Shirvanshah’s Palace

#2 in the Best Things to Do in Baku

Do not miss the remnants of Shirvanshah’s Palace
Shirvanshah’s Palace Explore Baku

Shirvanshah palace is one of the historical places to visit in Baku. While exploring the streets of Baku’s Old City, visitors come across the spectacular piece of Azerbaijan’s history the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, and found it as the finest thing to do in Baku. It was built by the Shirvanshah Kingdom in the 15th century.

The palace was once the home of Shirvanshahs, the rulers of Shirvan. Located behind the walls of the fortress. The sandstone complex has its own significance as it reveals the art of medieval Islamic civilization from the 12th century, the time when Baku actually became the capital of the country. 

The kingdom palace houses mausoleum of King Khalilullah burial place with his wife and sons, the two mosques owns its beautiful depiction of architectural art, Murad’s Gate (East Gate), Hammam (Bath House), and the mausoleum of great Sufi philosopher and scientist Sayid Yahya Bakuvi.

  • Entrance Fees: 8.5 Manet ($5)

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Miniature Book Museum

#3 in the Best Things to Do in Baku

Miniature Book Museum | Travelfess
Miniature Book Museum Explore Baku

The Greatest thing in Baku is a visit to the Museum of Miniature Books. You need a microscope to have a glance at dwarf books in a Museum. It houses a collection of tiny tomes, where the smallest tome is 2 mm x 2 mm. The museum is surprisingly promoted by local tourist boards.

  • Entrance Fees: 8.5 Manet ($5)

Mud Volcanoes

#4 in the Best Things to Do in Baku

Mud Volcanoes | Travelfess
Mud Volcanoes Explore Baku

Baku is a well-known authentic exotic for its natural gas emitting locations includes; Mud Volcanoes. You will enjoy those 300 mud volcanoes situated at the shore of Caspian Bay, in the seawater, and also on the islands.

About 30% of the mud volcanoes in the world are located in Azerbaijan and one of the main reasons for Tourists Visiting Baku Azerbaijan.

Around 20 kilometers away from the city, you will sense an egg smell at the otherworldly site of Gobustan National Park region. It is due to the sprawling field of numerous tiny mud volcanoes. They erupt occasionally and when dormant, they bubble up and release methane gas all round the year attracts thousands of tourists annually. 

  • Distance from Baku to Gobustan: 67 km (42 miles)
  • Entrance Fees: 10 Manet (5.80 USD)

Flame Towers

#5 in the Best Things to Do in Baku

Inspiring flame towers | Travelfess
Flame Towers Explore Baku

If you are willing to see one of the most amazing buildings, My advice is to book a ride on Uber for the Flame Towers.

The flame towers pay respect to the history of Azerbaijan and symbolize the sign of Azeris’ predominant ancient religion Zoroastrianism as Azerbaijan is the birthplace of their Zoroaster prophet.

Flame Towers are the trio of skyscrapers, designed to appear like fire flames. The towers stand as a Marvel of Modern Architecture at the hill overlooking Baku Bay and Old City. The building transforms the city’s skyline by giving a sparkling look, especially at night. The LED screen on towers displays blazing fumes, that can be seen from the edges of the city.

The tallest tower in the south is a residential building. Along with 130 luxury apartments over 33 floors, the building features spectacular views of the surrounding area. Whereas, located in the north the second building is the hotel tower. It comprises 299 guest rooms with an International hotel chain of Fairmont Hotels and resorts. The office tower is the third and the last building on the western side provides extensive commercial office space with 29 floors of the building. 

  • Entrance Fees: Free

Ateshgah Fire Temple

#6 in the Best Things to Do in Baku

Ateshgah Fire Temple | Travlfess
Ateshgah Fire Temple Explore Baku

Ateshgah Fire temple is the territory known for its unique natural phenomenon as an outlet of burning natural gas.

The fire temple is from immemorial times of the Zoroastrian era. The history of Fire Temple Ateshgah states that it was once a holy place of fire-worshippers that was destroyed after the invasion of Islamic religion in the country. The worshipers used to attribute mystical significance to the place of inextinguishable fire and travel to the temple for worshiping the relic.

  • Entrance Fees: 4.25 Manet ($2.5)

Bibi Heybat Mosque

#7 in the Best Things to Do in Baku

Bibi Heybat Mosque | Travelfess

A splendid religious place located at approx 6 kilometers away from the city, at the southwest of Baku.

It was built by Shirvanshah Farrukhzad ll Ibn Ahsitan ll in the 13th century, later destroyed by Stalin in 1936. The recreation of the mosque was held in 1998, is today a classic example of Shrivanshah’s architectural school. Many tourists even Non-Muslims visit this place every year to explore the traditional iron shaped mosque with three domes and two minarets. The domes are constructed with turquoise and green mirror pieces, bordered with gilded inscriptions of Muslim’s holy book Quran.

  • Time and Distance From Baku: 21 min (15.1 km) via Bibiheybət yolu
  • Entrance Fees: Free

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