Best Places To See in Sydney

Best Places To See in Sydney

Check out Best Places To See in Sydney in 2020

Sydney is one of the adventurous cities in Australia and it’s also one of the brightest cities for tourists. The city is known for its great food, you can also find the best beaches with vibrant culture and nightlife. It has amazing shopping options. So if you love the sunlight, charming weather, and friendly people, So Sydney is the perfect place for you to spend some time!

Despite the fact that an incredibly crowded city and the nearest thing in Australia to a rambling city, there are a lot of beautiful spots in Sydney. You’ll find heaps of cultural nightlife and world-famous landmarks in Sydney (Opera House, anyone?)

Though it is a big city so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find out places where you can have a good time in Sydney. Most travelers love to visit the beaches however that doesn’t mean that you cant explore more. To help you get sorted quickly we have explored some of the best places to see in Sydney in 2020

The best places to see in Sydney are:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • 19th Century Sydney Barn: The Barn on Prince Alfred Park – Central Station
  • Best Hostel in Sydney: Wake Up! Sydney Central
  • The Rocks
  • The Royal Botanical Garden: The Nature Escape

Sydney Opera House

Best Places To See in Sydney in 2020

It is one of the world’s incredible icons, the Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is of the best places to see on the harbor. The shape of the huge building is like shells or billowing sails – perches on a finger of land – surrounded by water.

You can have perfect photography while enjoying a harbor cruise, have fun in one of the restaurants, and walk around the exterior. The amazing structure of the Opera House includes theaters, studios, concert hall, cinema, and exhibition rooms. You can also join any of the tours throughout the day from 9 am to 5 pm by booking a Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Best Places To See in Sydney 1

The Sydney Harbor Bridge or “Coathanger,” as local people call it, was the city’s most popular landmark before the construction of the Sydney Opera House. It was constructed in 1932 and remains the world’s biggest steel arch bridge, associating the harbor’s north and south shores in a single curve above the water. Along its length, the bridge has eight lanes for road traffic. The rapid increase in road traffic of the city encouraged the construction of the bridge for ease in traffic flow but you can still drive over it for enjoying the blue water views. You will also find walkways on the bridge so that the pedestrians can also be amazed by its amazing view.

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19th Century Sydney Barn: The Barn on Prince Alfred Park – Central Station

Best Places To See in Sydney 2

19th century converted barn in Surry Hills is the coldest place in Sydney. Enjoy high roofs, open rooms, and current luxuries all in Sydney’s coolest area.

Simply a small walk to Surry Hills’ in vogue bars, eateries, and clubs, you won’t locate an all the more obviously found level in the city. Additionally, try to look at our Airbnb post for a 35% markdown!

Best Hostel in Sydney: Wake Up! Sydney Central

Best Places To See in Sydney 3

Wake Up! Sydney hostel has been rated the best places to see in Sydney in 2020, and it isn’t hard to see why. The hostel is nearby to Chinatown and Darling Harbour and close to the Central Station, you can easily get anywhere in the city from this location.

The rooms and types of equipment in the hostel are quite modern and clean. The hostel is the hub of backpacker activity in the city. You can find amazing cafes and restaurants nearby the hostel.

The Rocks

Best Places To See in Sydney 4

The Rocks noteworthy region was once home to the Gadigal native people and later turned into the nation’s first site of European settlement. The name of the Rocks originates from the rocky coast on the west side of Sydney Cove, where the convicts set up their shelters. In 2020 more the 100 inherited area and houses jostle along the tapered streets, including Sydney’s most established enduring house, Cadman’s cabin, constructed in 1816.

The Royal Botanical Garden: The Nature Escape

Best Places To See in Sydney 5

The 158 acres Botanical Garden, located in Sydney, which hugs the port between Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair and the Sydney Opera, is a home of 9,000 kinds of plants. Depending on the season of your visit, you could search for spring fisheries and glycine or tropical orchids and summer lotus flowers.

While visiting the Botanical Garden, do not miss the descendants of Wollemi pine which is around 200 million years old, a dinosaur of a conifer discovered in 1994. The gardens are also decorated with sculptures of historical statues with modern works by Bronwyn Oliver, Paul Selwood, and Keld Moseholm. The Quartz-and-Sandstone Wurrungwuri describes an Aboriginal shield once used by the traditional owners of this land. Visitors are offered throughout the year, including an Aboriginal history visit of 1.5 hours on food and medicinal properties of Australian Aboriginal plants.

If you are on a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden, be sure to check the Palace Rose Gardens, with some 1800 roses, Glasshouse 33, and Ferrey, which bursts with tropical foliage and orchids. If you are not obsessed to stroll around, there may be hops and jump teach for you. It will take you everywhere on the grounds of the garden. For your meal cravings, you can relax in the cafes and eat places or more, you can capture a picnic here.

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