Best Cisco USB Console Cables in the UK

What are the console cables?

Console cables have many different purposes. These are also recognized as Cisco cables, rollover cables, or management cables. The main purpose of all the console cables is to connect Cisco networking devices with the computers for configuration. Usually, Cisco devices have an RJ-45 port that is connected through a serial cable with the other end of the terminal of a PC or laptop computer.

Purpose of Cisco USB console cables

A Cisco USB console cable is used for terminal connectivity and not for networking or Ethernet connection. These cables allow the Cisco networking devices to configure with the computers. You can use these cables for both, new and old devices for serial connection between the devices and the PC.

Types of USB Console cables in the UK

As discussed above there are varieties of console cables found in the UK and other parts of the world, but the primary console cables are RJ45-DB9, USB A to mini – B, and USB- RJ45. However, as the world is changing and the need for high-speed connectivity is required which is why the most preferred cables are USB console cable by Cisco.

USB A to mini- B

The CAB-CONSOLE-USB A is connected with the usual USB port and the mini B terminal is connected to the Mini B port on the Cisco device to maintain the terminal communication. It is usually used for smaller devices or portable gadgets. Even though the terminals are different from other serial cables, but it would still be recognized as a Cisco serial cable.

USB to RJ45 console cable

CAB-CONSOLE_USB_RJ45 is undoubtedly the most tech-savvy console cable found in the Cisco cables category. If you wish to connect your advanced PC or laptop for the easy and high-speed connection then this is the cable you are looking for. It disregards the old DB-25 port and allows the Cisco networking devices to directly connect via USB port for terminal configuration with your modern equipment. Moreover, these particular cables maintain faster and easier network control.

Multiple advantages of Using Cisco USB console cable

Along with the fastest data transfer, which means a USB cable carries 12mbs of information in a second, these cables have many more benefits. If you are a multi-tasker and wish to connect more than one device to your computing system, then a USB cable would allow you to do so, unlike parallel cables which only allow one connection at a time. Moreover, with the increasing use of USB cables, computer manufacturers are manufacturing thinner and portable computers and laptops because USB ports are much thinner than parallel cables, which can be carried easily. Apart from these major advantages, you can also charge your gadgets like mobile phones, Bluetooth earphones, tablets, and more by connecting them to your running PC. All you have to do is connect the right port to your device and plug in the USB terminal into your laptop’s or computer’s USB port.

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