The 5 Best Rome Hotel Reviews

The 5 Best Rome Hotel Reviews

1. Inn at the Roman Forum

The 5 Best Rome Hotel Reviews 1
Inn At The Roman Forum Hotel

A stylish hotel offering elegant rooms, a peaceful street on back, owns historical ruins. The rooms of the hotel are well decorated with modern décor and original fittings. You can also have an easy walk to Colosseum from the hotel. The “Inn At The Roman Forum” is 35 – 40 minutes away from Fiumicino Airport.

2. Hotel Hassler

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Hotel Hassler

Hotel Hassler is one of the best hotels in Rome. An elegant boutique hotel offering luxurious rooms and suites with high wifi speed, and free various facilities including sauna, bath, and gym.

There’s a panoramic view at the top of Spanish steps. The “Trevi Fountain” is an easy walk away

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3. Hotel Campo De’ Fiori

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Hotel Campo De’ Fiori

Hotel Campo De’ Fiori is located 45 minutes away from Fiumicino Airport in the corner of the heart of the action and welcoming features a roof garden to amazing views of the historic center. Inside the hotel designed by Dario DeBlasi offers a stylish baroque with dipping chandeliers and bold colors.

4. Villa Spalletti Trivelli

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Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Just 200 m from the Quirinale Presidential Palace, located in the middle of Rome. The historical is an oasis of old-fashioned charm and calm, with antique furniture, polished wood, and offers a spa, a peaceful garden, and luxurious rooms in traditional styles.

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5. J K Place Roma

The 5 Best Rome Hotel Reviews 5
J K Place Roma

Located at the 10 – 12 minutes easy walk away to Pantheon, Stunning aristocratic home turned five-star hotel has won many plaudits. Striking décor with the most interesting surroundings. Rooms and suites vary in size and splendor, have elegant antique and contemporary furnishings

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